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The Worst of Times

By: P. Andersen 


Insurance is an interesting product to sell, because the goal of every client is to never need the insurance coverage they are paying for.  When you need it, you have a problem.  When you need it, you find out what kind of an agent and insurance company you are partnered with as well.

We thought giving you some stories about what other clients have gone through might help you think about your own risks, and give you the information you need to approach a future loss with all of your ducks in a row.

The Worst Of Times:

A Levitt-Fuirst client sadly lost his wife a while back.  While going through their valuables, our client noticed several of the items were missing.  Normally, a police report would be necessary to complete a claim of this sort, but the insured, in mourning, did not want to go that route.

Kim, our personal lines manager, worked with Chubb to make every accommodation for this insured, due to the circumstances surrounding the claim.  In the end, the claim was paid under Mysterious Disappearance, with the police report requirement waived.

Insurance is one of those things that you don’t need – until you need it.  If that day comes for you, you want to be sure you have a business partner that will fight for you, work with you, guide and inform you.  In this case, both Levitt-Fuirst and Chubb deviated from protocol because it was a unique situation that required a certain amount of thoughtfulness.  In the end, the client was pleased with the result, and his entire family is insured through our office.  Hopefully you won’t ever need such claim service, but if you do, we look forward to assisting you should the unthinkable happen.