Movember 2014

by Peter Andersen, November 10, 2014


It is Movember, which means it is time for me, and many hundreds of thousands of men like me (4 Million in 2013!), to grow the much misunderstood and maligned mustache. We do it because we love the odd looks from people we don’t know, we do it for the comments of friends and loved ones that either think it is great or horrible, but mostly, we do it because it is for a good cause.  The owners of Levitt-Fuirst have always supported this endeavor, donating money to my MoSpace page each of the years I have taken part.  I appreciate their support, and hope that with each year, I find more people to support me in this endeavor.

Much like breast cancer awareness and the color pink, Movember is designed to bring awareness to men’s health issues. From testicular and prostate cancers, to mental health issues.  Movember is designed to open the eyes of the masses that men need to take better care of themselves, and to bring into the light the risks that take the lives of so many men earlier than they should.  Movember is about encouraging more men to take steps today that may allow them to live longer, happier, healthier lives.

But about the mustache…  I have to say right off the bat – I cheated. You are supposed to grow a mustache from scratch, just a clean face with no pre-growth. Me? I had a goatee, and decided to maneuver it into the standard for which I have been known for these last three Novembers. The Movember site calls it the “Trucker”, though I think of it as a Modified Zappa… Sad fact is prostate cancer took Mr. Frank Zappa’s life, at 53 years of age, so let’s call this an homage to him, in the hopes that there will be fewer prostate cancer victims in the future.


Regardless of the name, the shape, the comments it receives, or the motivation – the goal of Movember and the 4 million mustaches continues to be bigger than the fashion statement we are or are not making… The goal is to raise awareness, increase education, improve screening, catch diseases early, and improve treatment.  That is where you come in.

I ask you to visit my MoSpace page,, and donate to this good cause. Maybe because you know someone that has fought these diseases, maybe because you are a friend of mine, maybe because you just simply want to encourage a man with a mustache. Really, does the reason matter? The results are all good.



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