Fire Safety

by P. Andersen and The Hartford, 10/24/14


A big part of writing a blog is finding useful things to impart, and to impart those things in a unique way.  Sometimes, others offer information in a way that is pretty excellent, though, and pointing you to that information can be as useful as reinventing the wheel.

We have spoken about the relationships Levitt-Fuirst has with our insurance carrier partners, most notably in our “Why An Independent Agent?” piece.  These partners have amazing information available to them, and some of that really fits with what we are trying to impart to you in this blog.  For example?

The Hartford.  the Hartford started out as a fire insurance company 200 years ago, and continues today to lead in fire safety and prevention –  a major cause of loss to homeowners since, well, since the beginning…  They recently created this 28 page fire prevention and safety guide that should be mandatory reading for all homeowners.  Today’s blog?  Today I am hoping you will take the time to read this Hartford booklet to have a better understanding of fire risks, to reduce those risks, and to survive a catastrophe.  As is always the case, the safety of you and your family are the most important things – the rest is replaceable.

If you own a home, please read this booklet.  It will give you insights and reminders, conversation starters and a fresh perspective.  An ounce of prevention, as they say…

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