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The Benefits of Buying Life Insurance When Young

by O. Ritter, November 20, 2014


What do you know about Life Insurance? Have you considered taking out a life insurance policy? If the answer is no, let me give you a brief description of the benefits of taking out a policy and doing this while you’re young! Well, let’s just say the younger you are, the lower the price will be to insure you and let me explain why.  When you are younger, you’re typically in better health than when you’re older.  With that being said, getting lower premiums will be a much easier process and you will be able to obtain a fixed rate as long as you’re paying your premiums on time. This is just a portion of the benefits received at the time of purchase so I encourage you to keep reading on.

The cost of life insurance depends on many factors, including the type of policy, the death benefit amount, age and health at the time someone takes out a policy. By buying life insurance at a young age, it ensures that if something happens to someone’s health in the future, that person’s rates will always be based on his or her health at the time the policy was purchased,” (New York Life Insurance).

How awesome is that? Pretty awesome! For you readers out there, this is important information to know before taking out a policy so make sure you DO YOUR RESEARCH!

Lastly, let me add that my thoughts on life insurance were the same as many other young adults. I thought, “I’m 24 with limited possessions and no kids – what the heck do I need life insurance for?” In doing my research, though, I found the many benefits it offers including building cash value overtime and being able to take out the cash you need in case of emergency – even if you simply need to pay off a loan. Now, if this information about life insurance hasn’t moved you to at least consider purchasing it, then I MUST say you should still think about it or maybe even pass along the information to your family and friends. This is one investment that is worth your while. Next week I will break down the many different types of Insurance options you have to determine the type of insurance that is best for YOU!


Wall Street Journal Online

Snow Tires: Tis the Season

by P. Andersen, November 18, 2014


As the temperatures dip into the teens this week (In NOVEMBER?!?!), it is time to think about snow tires.  I know, I know, it is too soon to talk about snow tires!  Sadly, we are almost to Thanksgiving, and with the goal of keeping you from having a claim or an injury, I am standing on my soapbox and singing the praises of snow tires…

First, if you bought your car up in the northeast, you were given All-Season Tires by default.  Many people feel that their all-season tires are designed to survive winter’s wrath, but really they are designed to do everything pretty well.  Rain, not bad.  Dry, perfectly fine.  Snow?  Ummmm… Snow?  Not so good, really.  Should we have another winter like the last one, a good set of snow tires will serve you very well indeed.

Why snow tires?  First, read a basic Q&A here, at About Cars…    As you can see, snow tires are made of special rubber, they have tread designs specific to the needs of snow and ice, and they make a huge difference in your driving safety when the white stuff falls.  Even on dry pavement, the rubber is more pliable in the cold – while your all seasons get hard and brittle in the winter, snow tires stay soft and grippy.  If you need your car daily, there is no better investment in the northeast than snow tires, making your front or all wheel vehicle safe and secure as you commute.  Another benefit for those of you that have sporty cars?  You can buy summer tires for the other 3 seasons, improving your driving in wet and dry during the warmer months.

Two Options…

Option 1:  If you have a small or economy car, you likely have wheels in the 16″ – 17″ size range.  This is a good size for snow tires, so you can have them installed right on your current rims.  This requires a repair shop or tire store to do the install.  The benefits are you only have to pay for the tires and installation, the drawback is that you have to pay for that installation twice a year, as you switch between your winter and summer tires.

Option 2: Get a totally separate set of wheels with your winter tires.  You may see the term “Steelies” used for steel wheels that are often utilized for this purpose.  For those of you with performance vehicles, this option may save you some money, as winter tires for large diameter wheels are expensive and less effective.  Winter tires work well on smaller wheels, because the tire sidewalls are larger than the low profile sport tires your car likely came with.  My car, for example, has 18′ wheels with low profile tires, but I can get 16′ steelies and winter tires – and pay less for the tires.  The drawback to this option is the initial cost, as steelies run from $50 to $100 per wheel, and you may need 4 tire pressure sensors installed as well – a one-time charge, dependent on your car.  The benefit is the ease of switching the wheels between seasons yourself if you have a jack, and that you will have the wheels winter after winter.  You also save your pretty shiny wheels from the winter salt and punishing ice, making them look better for longer.

Now?  Sigh…

Now is the time!  Contact the many retailers that sell those winter tires that you need more than you realize.  You may be able to get rims off of Craig’s List, or order them online.  Store your summer tires for the year (always on their side, stacked), and enjoy the next 4 months without worry.  You won’t believe the change in your car after you make this investment!  Now drive smart, drive carefully, and get there safe.

 Check out this quick comparison of some of the major snow tire players in the market from ConsumerSearch.

Movember 2014

by Peter Andersen, November 10, 2014


It is Movember, which means it is time for me, and many hundreds of thousands of men like me (4 Million in 2013!), to grow the much misunderstood and maligned mustache. We do it because we love the odd looks from people we don’t know, we do it for the comments of friends and loved ones that either think it is great or horrible, but mostly, we do it because it is for a good cause.  The owners of Levitt-Fuirst have always supported this endeavor, donating money to my MoSpace page each of the years I have taken part.  I appreciate their support, and hope that with each year, I find more people to support me in this endeavor.

Much like breast cancer awareness and the color pink, Movember is designed to bring awareness to men’s health issues. From testicular and prostate cancers, to mental health issues.  Movember is designed to open the eyes of the masses that men need to take better care of themselves, and to bring into the light the risks that take the lives of so many men earlier than they should.  Movember is about encouraging more men to take steps today that may allow them to live longer, happier, healthier lives.

But about the mustache…  I have to say right off the bat – I cheated. You are supposed to grow a mustache from scratch, just a clean face with no pre-growth. Me? I had a goatee, and decided to maneuver it into the standard for which I have been known for these last three Novembers. The Movember site calls it the “Trucker”, though I think of it as a Modified Zappa… Sad fact is prostate cancer took Mr. Frank Zappa’s life, at 53 years of age, so let’s call this an homage to him, in the hopes that there will be fewer prostate cancer victims in the future.


Regardless of the name, the shape, the comments it receives, or the motivation – the goal of Movember and the 4 million mustaches continues to be bigger than the fashion statement we are or are not making… The goal is to raise awareness, increase education, improve screening, catch diseases early, and improve treatment.  That is where you come in.

I ask you to visit my MoSpace page,, and donate to this good cause. Maybe because you know someone that has fought these diseases, maybe because you are a friend of mine, maybe because you just simply want to encourage a man with a mustache. Really, does the reason matter? The results are all good.